Photos from Arcana 34 (October 1-3, 1994) with guest of honor Tim Powers

He does this on purpose...

(What's wrong with this picture?)

Tim Powers at closing ceremonies
with Chair Eric Heideman:

Tim, Eric and Laurence Sutin (left) discussed Philip K. Dick:

We lined up for Tim's book signing:

Rick Gellman (left), Tim Powers and Jamie Blackman discussed writing workshops:

The well-attended panel on Religion in SF/F - from left, Joan Marie Verba, Rick Gellman, Tim Powers, Lyda Morehouse, Jerome Van Epps, Anna Waltz:


The 1994 Minnesota Fantasy Award presented by Eric to writer/editor/scholar Ruth Berman:


A couple other panels...

On Peter Lorre (David Christenson, Eric):

No one showed up so we practiced our barbershop singing

On Clifford D. Simak (Rick, Mark Tersteeg, Eric, Paul Richards):


Saturday - the big auction...

Previewing the auction material:

Auctioneers Peder Wagtksjold and Dwayne H. Olson:

Peder with con registrar and auction manager Roger Lasley:

The hotel's lobby was a favorite hangout...

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