Arcana 31: The 2001 Convention was held Sept. 28-30 at the Holiday Inn Express, St. Paul, with guest of honor Robert M. Price.

Robert M. Price edited the Lovecraftian magazine Crypt of Cthulhu for many years. His essays on Lovecraftian themes have appeared in many magazines. His horror fiction has also appeared in magazines including Eldritch Tales and Weirdbook. He has edited Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos, The New Lovecraft Circle and Acolytes of Cthulhu for Fedogan & Bremer, as well as The Horror of it All and Black Forbidden Things for Starmont House. He has edited Cthulhu Mythos anthologies for Chaosium including The Hastur Cycle, The Cthulhu Cycle, The Nyarlothotep Cycle, The Azathoth Cycle, The Shub Niggurath Cycle, The Book of Eibon, The Tsathogghua Cycle, The Ithaqua Cycle, The Innsmouth Cycle, Tales Out of Innsmouth and The Dunwich Cycle. Books of criticism include: H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos (Borgo Press) and Lin Carter: A Look Behind His Imaginary Worlds (Starmont). His books in the field of freethought include Beyond Born Again: Toward Evangelical Maturity (1993) and Deconstructing Jesus (2000).

Robert M. Price interviewed by Brian Perry and Philip Rahman

Robert M. Price at closing ceremonies, with chair Eric Heideman and programming co-director Pam Keesey

From left, Roger Lasley, Dwayne Olson and Peder Wagtskjold preside at the annual auction

In the Arcana dealer's room, Anne Waltz (accompanied by Mike Waltz) autographs her book Swedish Lutheran Vampires of Brainerd for a very tall customer



A couple of panels:

Jeffrey Dahl, Michael Du Charme, Kathy Youker and Robert M. Price discuss Stephen King

Steve Climer and company tackle the topic of 'Juvenile Horror.'

In our spare time, we watched horror videos...

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