Arcana 32: The 2002 Convention was held Sept. 28-30 at the Holiday Inn Express, St. Paul, with guest of honor Joe Bob Briggs (aka John Bloom). Here are some photos (we hope to post a few more as the con volunteers bring them to us...)

The original "drive-in movie critic" signs one of his books.

A bibliography of Joe Bob Briggs: Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In; A Guide to Western Civilization, or, My Story; Joe Bob Goes Back to the Drive-In; The Cosmic Wisdom of Joe Bob Briggs; Iron Joe Bob; and the forthcoming Profoundly Disturbing: Twenty Shocking Films That Changed History.


Joe Bob discusses "Drive-In Movie Culture"
with Kathy Youker.

Joe Bob hobnobs with Arcana board members and advisors, from left, Philip Rahman, Dwayne H. Olson, Scott F. Wyatt, Brian Perry, Kathy Youker.

Joe Bob in a discussion of the career of Christopher Lee with panelists, from left, Robert Subiaga Jr., moderator Eric M. Heideman, Amanda Elg, Scott F. Wyatt.

The gang's all here for the closing ceremony... presided over by Joe Bob & con chair Eric M. Heideman (right).

Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven Books, Minneapolis, longtime bookseller, publisher, collector, sponsor and mentor of local conventions and fan organizations, receives the 2002 Minnesota Fantasy Award from convention chair Eric M. Heideman. A posthumous award was presented in honor of Minnesota-born writer/editor Lester Del Rey.

Other panels & events...

Brian Perry's presentation on "Audio Horror"
covered imaginative sound from vintage radio
to audiobooks.

Eric M. Heideman, Greg Ketter and Paul F. Richards
discussed "Drive-In Monsters."

Kathy Youker's reading from the
fantasy works of James Thurber.

The dealer's room is busy...





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