Finally! Photos from Arcana 33 with guest of honor Gahan Wilson!

Before the con: Gahan Wilson visits the unmarked grave of pulp horror writer Carl Jacobi at Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis

Gahan Wilson interviewed by David Christenson

Friday p.m.: Michael Waltz mixed scary drinks (above, facing camera, Fedogan & Bremer party co-host Philip Rahman; at left, Mike mixing for Kevin Trainor; below, from left, Kevin, Michael, Eric Heideman, Anna Waltz, Scott Wyatt.)



In the well-stocked dealer's room: Lisa Freitag & son William, with Roger Lasley & Gahan

The "Haunted Upper Midwest" panel (Scott Wyatt, Paul Richards, Brian Perry) is visited by a mysterious hat

Awaiting the opening ceremony...

Parties and chat


Below: watching "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter"

The big Saturday night auction

Gahan Wilson graciously donated original art
created on the spot, subjects by request!

To accompany his drawings, Gahan performed his
impressions of The Wolf Man and Cthulhu

And a good time was had by all...


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